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Pareja (hombre+mujer)
Signo del Zodiaco:
Orientación sexual:
Signo del Zodiaco:
Orientación sexual:
Heterosexual, bi curioso
- hombre
- mujer
- pareja (mujer/hombre)
Edad desde: 30 años hasta 60 años
Para qué: Sólo sexo.
- I speak English
Mi presentación
Somos una pareja de ingleses viviendo en Fuerte. Lo siento pero nuestro español no es muy bueno (estamos aprendiendo). Una sonrisa es igual en cualquier idioma.

Reasonably presentable, young at heart, reliable and playful couple who are in love with each other but not themselves.
We are looking to entertain similar couples, females and occasionally single males for mutual ’hot wife’ fun and pleasure at our home.  We have been active for 8 years on other sites but still finding our way around here.  Thank you for being patient.

Neither of us would rule out playing alone but this would be the exception rather than the rule. I (Mrs S) prefer taller men and whilst I am ’bi-playful’ when the mood takes me, my preference is for cock(s) and nice big balls. If you are primarily seeking girl/girl fun you are probably looking in the wrong place.   Mr S is straight (but not narrow).

Feel free to drop us a line but please accept that messaging  on here is a purely speculative process and it is unlikely that we will be attracted to everyone (and vice versa). We will do our best to respond - even if it is a polite ’no thanks’. A ’yes please’ is more likely if your message is articulate, imaginative and has a picture attached (and no, we don’t mean a picture of your cock).

We are not judgemental but here are a few things that we know are NOT for us (to save you wasting your time).
-bi or bi-curious single men
-sex in vehicles - unless it’s your private jet.
-cuckolding -poor personal hygiene
-endless pointless chatter
-people who clearly don’t bother to read profiles (although ironically if you don’t routinely bother reading profiles you won’t have got this far!).

Hope you’re all playing nicely and having fun.
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